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Default AVAudioPlayer doesn't start back up after interruption

This is somewhat related to my previous post but it's a different question.

After I return from audioPlayerEndInterruption(), I want to start my audio back up. I have a UIButton that I toggle with an image of a play button and a pause button. For fun, I press play then immediately press it again to pause, in quick succession. As in my previous post, I also have a timer that starts when I play. In this quick case, the timer is set up but the selector/callback is never called because I pause the playback too quickly (and in my pause handler, I invalidate the timer).

I kind of expect that. My timer is set for 1 second intervals and I hit pause before one second had passed. Fine.

Now I want to play again, for real. I call [player play] but I get back a bad return code.


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   BOOL rc = [player play];
   if (!rc)
      NSLog(@"Holy Schmokes!  We can't play!");
(Notice the return code is a bit backwards. You get YES (1) if the play was successful and NO (0) if not. I typically expect a non-zero return code on failure, but that's beside the point. I could probably call my variable 'success' instead of 'rc' and then check success == NO).

Anyway, there are no other indications why my player won't play anymore. It was playing fine before my quick play/pause interaction.

I print a message in audioPlayerDecodeErrorDidOccur() just in case but nothing happens. (Didn't expect a message anyway since it had started playing ok.)

If I query the various properties of the player (currentTime, duration, etc), they all look normal. The currentTime is 5.8 seconds because that's when I paused it last.

Is there any other way to diagnose why the player won't play?
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