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Default Announcing cocos3d - a 3D extension for cocos2d

I am pleased to announce the public release of cocos3d, a significant extension to cocos2d that adds a full 3D modelling space, including 3D mesh models, perspective projection cameras, materials, and lighting. With cocos3d, you can populate your world with 3D models exported from 3D editors such as Blender, Cheetah3D, Maya, 3ds Max and Cinema 4D, combined with models you create dynamically in your Objective-C code.

Integration with cocos2d is seamless. Rendering of all 3D model objects occurs within a special cocos2d layer, which fits seamlessly into the cocos2d node hierarchy, allowing 2D nodes such as controls, labels, and health bars to be drawn under, over, or beside 3D model objects. With this design, 2D objects, 3D objects, and sound can interact with each other to create a rich, synchronized audio-visual experience.

Like cocos2d, cocos3d is written entirely in Objective-C, and many of your favourite cocos2d paradigms, such as CCActions, are available for 3D objects. And like cocos2d, it is distributed for free under an MIT license.

You can download cocos3d here.

You can learn more about writing 3D iOS games and applications using cocos3d, by referring to:
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